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About Us

Quality Product, High Credibility, Excellent Integrity

PT. CITRA CRANINDO ABADI supports the customer’s business by providing HITACHI Electric Chain Hoist & Rope Hoists, which is known to be high-end products in many industries. Our strengths in both products quality and service allow us to stand out among competitors.

Our Services

Designing installation of crane hoist and mechanical handling systems such as overhead crane, gantry, jib crane, cargo lift, etc

Troubleshooting, inspections and services

24/7 customers support through maintenance contract and on-demand services.

Start Up, Commissioning, and Training.

Load test and certification

What Differentiate Us

  • World-class brand with high-efficiency power consumption ratio and longest maintenance lifespan for effective ‘Total Ownership Cost’
  • Reliable availability of spare parts
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Professional service team trained by Hitachi and others
  • Full-service solution (training, installation and maintenance contract)
  • Active approach customer-relation that will help you making easier periodic maintenance schedule




  • Very strong steel drum for wire rope hoist
  • Long life wheels by applying Guide Roller and flangeless wheels which remarkably reduce the wear of wheels and I beams
  • Heat treated hook and standard safety latch


  • Hitachi hoist consist of double braking mechanism. In addition to Main Brake, Hitachi hoist is also equipped with Auxiliary Brake Unit as standard
  • Hoisting motor is also equipped with Thermal Protector to stop the motor if the motor is overheat due to overwork
  • Hitachi provide double limit switch to offer more safety and protection even in reverse phase operation
  • Electromagnetic switch with mechanical interlock to prevent malfunction

Easy Maintenance

  • The unit provide gear inspection window to visually inspect the gear condition for easy maintenance
  • Automatic Adjusting Brake (patented) system is applied for easier maintenance and safety
  • Starting time counter in the control box for maintenance plan

Our Clients


Head Office – JAKARTA:
Jl. Kemanggisan Utama Raya No. 50A
Jakarta 11480, Indonesia
Phone : 021 – 53665577 (Hunting)
Mobile : 081585028608 (CALL/WA)
Fax : 021-53665578, 021-53667767
Hotline SERVICE : 081-181-9999-6 (24-Hours)
Branch Office – SURABAYA:
Jl. Panglima Sudirman No. 65
Surabaya 60271
Phone : 031-5476199, 5476299 & 5349262
Mobile : 081585028608 (CALL/WA)
Fax : 031-5319353
Branch Office – SEMARANG:
Tamansari Majapahit Blok B1 No. 3A
Pedurungan, Semarang – Jawa Tengah 50192
Phone : 024-6733097, 6733098
Mobile : 081585028608 (CALL/WA)
Fax : 024-6722608

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